Once upon a time, there was peace and unity in Ala Anu (the land of the animals). In this folktale movie, a father gathers the children after dinner to tell them one of the many original Igbo traditional stories. Animals are carnivorous. But do you know how the animals began to eat one another? The father paints the picture of a peaceful animal kingdom, where all the animals lived in unity. There was a law in the land that prohibited the animals from harming one another, whether big or small. One night, when the moon was late to show its face in Ala Anu, something happened that changed the animal kingdom forever. Peace and unity became angry and ran away from Ala Anu and have never returned since then.

Narrator and Director: Chidi Igwe.

Starring: Lawretta Igwe as Mama, Chidera Igwe as Chioma.

Lenght: 16:07 minutes.

Date of Release: January 2015.


Igbo Cartoon

Igbo Cartoon

Igbo Cartoon

Egbe lechasịrị mbe buru ya. Ka egbe na-aga n’ụlọ ya dị n’elu ọjị, mbe were jụa egbe, ọ bụ gịnị ka ya mere o ji enye ya ụdị onyinye ọma ife efe? Egbe zara ya sị na ya anaghị enye ya onyinye ọbụla, kama na ya na-eburu ya ka ya na ụmụ ya were anụ ya gba azị.